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How mediation can help your uncontested divorce

You know your marriage can't be saved. You and your spouse have grown apart or there has been a catastrophic breach of trust. Still, that doesn't mean either of you wants a drawn-out battle in the courts. You want to ensure the divorce is fair for everyone involved, including your children, and you want to make the process as painless as possible.

Uncontested divorces can help you end your marriage quickly

Divorces can take a lot of time to get finalized if you and your ex can't work out the terms of the divorce. Trying to take the case to a trial is possible, but you should understand that this means you will have wait for a trial date and prepare to show the court why you should get what you want.

How an uncontested divorce benefits you

If you are considering divorce or going through one, it is either contested or uncontested. A contested divorce is one in which you and your spouse have at least one point of disagreement. It could be over debt, child custody, ownership of the house or something else entirely. Fortunately, many divorces are uncontested, meaning that both parties agree on how to approach and resolve the issues. Such divorces tend to benefit everyone involved in the following ways.

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