Car Accident Lawyer

When you have been in a car accident, your first priority should be to make sure everyone is safe and gets immediate medical care. Not long after that, however, your priorities should turn to protecting your rights.

Gather all contact information you can from witnesses and other people involved. Take photos of property damage and other circumstances surrounding the accident. Then, contact a car accident lawyer at Steele Law Offices, LLC, in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Be Cautious When Speaking With Insurance Companies After Your Accident

Injuries sustained in car accidents are not always immediately visible or obvious. Typically, it is not until months later and after a thorough analysis of your medical situation can assessments be made about how much the injury will cost you in terms of medical bills, lost wages and accommodations that must be made for your long-term care.

However, that will not stop insurance adjusters from contacting you just a few days after the accident to obtain a recorded statement about your condition and who was at fault. You do not have to provide these statements; they will typically only be used to help insurance companies keep costs down and limit the amount of money they are liable to pay for your injuries.

Speak with an attorney first to determine how best to proceed. Even if you do not feel hurt today, you could end up needing medical treatment later. The sudden jarring motion of even relatively minor accidents can cause your body to experience delayed symptoms of slipped disks or herniation that cause more lasting damage than most people realize.

Experienced Representation When You Need It Most

We can work with you to address your unique circumstances and help you get the care you need after an auto accident. With more than 20 years of experience in the local legal community, we have access to experienced professionals who can give you an independent assessment and develop a strong case for maximum compensation.

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