Repetitive Stress Injury Attorney

Not all injuries at work are the result of a sudden accident or incidence of negligence. They can also arise when people do the same job every day over the course of months or years.

While we often think of these injuries as the result of labor-intensive factory work, it can happen in any setting where an individual makes the same motions over and over or is exposed to the same elements over time.

Addressing The Long-Term Consequences Of Your Work Related Injury

These injuries are called repetitive stress or repetitive motion injuries. Examples include those related to:

  • Repetitive tasks, such as lifting items above one's head, typing and computer manipulation, or assembly line product inspections
  • Vibrations, such as those related to heavy machinery or the operation of commercial vehicles
  • Sustained awkward positions, such as stooping or slouching for low ceilings or working in an ill-fitting desk

Workers who struggle with these injuries should pursue a workers' compensation claim to help them address the medical care they need as well as the financial losses they will experience from being unable to work in the vocation they are trained for.

Because repetitive stress injuries happen over time, people often end up working through the pain of the injury as long as possible, subjecting themselves to harmful tasks for longer periods of time. They may end up facing irreversible damage and disabilities by the time they seek help from a workers' compensation lawyer.

Personal Service And Care

At Steele Law Offices, LLC, we help injured workers present powerful and persuasive information during the initial application for workers' compensation, and fight back aggressively when the settlements offered are undervalued or denied altogether.

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