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A jury in St. Louis in October, 2016 recently awarded more than $70 million in damages to a woman for injuries sustained by using baby powder and other Johnson and Johnson products which contributed to her ovarian cancer.

Talc is detectable in pathology slides from the uterus and lingers in the body much like asbestos does for many years before its cancerous results may occur.

In May, a St. Louis jury ordered the company to pay $55 million to a survivor in South Dakota.  In February, a jury awarded $72 million to relatives of an Alabama woman who died of ovarian cancer.

The juries found Johnson and Johnson failed to warn the public of studies linking its Shower-to-Shower product and baby powder to ovarian cancer and conspiring to hide the truth. 

The St. Louis Circuit Court jury is the third to award damages over claims that are the basis of about $2,000 pending state and federal lawsuits.

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