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Illinois drivers who are involved in a car accident should check to see if others have been injured if they have not themselves. While injured people should only be moved if necessary, vehicles should be moved out of the way to prevent another accident. A driver who is not at fault in the accident should get insurance and contact information from the driver at fault even though it is that driver’s responsibility to report the accident to the insurance company. Taking witness statements and photos and even calling the police may help protect a motorist who is not at fault.

Once a person has left the scene of the accident, it is important to take notes about the situation. A person’s insurance company may be of assistance if the other driver does not report the accident or if that driver’s insurance company denies the driver’s fault in the accident. Therefore, contacting the insurance company may be a good precaution.

If the other driver’s insurance company will not pay compensation, the injured person’s insurance company might do so, or it may sue the other company or try to negotiate a settlement. Another option is for the injured person to hire an attorney who may also negotiate or may file a lawsuit.

Car accidents can result in broken bones, whiplash or traumatic brain injuries. The severity of some of these injuries may not be immediately apparent at the time of or in the aftermath of an accident. It is important for a person to obtain adequate compensation, and an attorney can give advice as to how to proceed.