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Divorces can take a lot of time to get finalized if you and your ex can’t work out the terms of the divorce. Trying to take the case to a trial is possible, but you should understand that this means you will have wait for a trial date and prepare to show the court why you should get what you want.

In many cases, you can get your divorce finalized much faster if you and your ex can work out the details. If you and your ex can do this, you can file for an uncontested divorce.

Ways to come to an agreement

You and your ex can work together with the help of your attorney and your ex’s attorney. Many people who want an uncontested divorce opt to grin and bear having to deal with their ex just so that they can get the marriage dissolved and move on with life.

Another option is to go through mediation. In this case, you and your ex work with the help of a mediator to work out the details of the divorce. The mediator is an impartial third party who works to help the discussions stay on track so that a mutual agreement remains the focus.

Things to agree upon

You need to agree on who is going to get what property and assets. You also need to divide the debts that you and your ex incurred during the marriage. Because it isn’t possible to divide assets evenly in some cases, you can use debts to balance out the settlement.

You will also have to come to agreements about your children, including child custody and child support. Alimony is another consideration that you have to agree upon.

Tips to help you with the negotiations

You should go into the meetings with your ex with compromise in mind. Stay calm and remember that once this is done, you won’t have to deal with your ex any longer, unless you share children. Don’t let your ex get you riled up and upset.

Make sure that you are thinking carefully about what you want and how each option might impact your future. Certain assets might come with recurring expenses or with costs. Be certain that you can pay for these with only your income since you won’t have your ex’s income to fall back on if your budget gets too tight.

Ultimately, you should remember that the goal is get your marriage dissolved as quickly as possible. This might mean that you have to negotiate a bit, but getting on with your life will likely be worth having to deal with your ex for now.