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All drivers who don’t pay attention to the flow of traffic around them can kill other people on the road. Without watching the vehicles in front of their own car, they won’t know if someone stops or slows down.

On Sept. 7, a 61-year-old man on a moped was struck from behind by a 22-year-old woman driving a Neon. The woman apparently didn’t see the man had stopped so that he could turn onto another road. He was taken to Anderson Hospital in Maryville.

The coroner’s report notes that the man suffered a fractured neck, which is what led to his death. It is unknown if the man had drugs or alcohol in his system since the results are still pending.

This fatal accident is still under investigation by the authorities. It doesn’t change the fact that the man is dead all because of a senseless accident. There isn’t any information about what the woman was doing at the time of the accident, but this information might come to light during the investigation.

When families lose loved ones in tragic accidents like this, life changes dramatically. If you lost your loved one, you might have to figure out how to pay for final arrangements and how to move forward with life.

A wrongful death lawsuit is something to consider after a fatal accident like this. The lawsuit could help you to recover money for the financial damages that you are dealing with. Remember, you only have two years to file the claim from the date of the death so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on your chance.

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