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Divorce usually falls into one of two categories — really easy or really difficult. When you are able to work out an uncontested divorce, you might be happy to know that you don’t have to battle with your ex over every aspect of the divorce.

We realize that one of the most important things about divorce is getting what is due to you. This is one of the areas where you and your ex might have to do some negotiating. Just because you have to negotiate a little doesn’t mean that the divorce is going to be a challenge. You should just focus on getting everything hashed out so that your divorce can be over as quickly as possible.

When there are things that you want and your ex thinks a different way about, such as if you want the house and your ex thinks he or she should keep it, you need to think about how important the asset will be to you in 10 or 20 years. Oftentimes, you will find that your tie to the asset is more of an emotional tie rather than a logical bond.

As you work through these matters, we can help you find out what options you have. Sometimes, thinking outside of the box can resolve these matters. You can use creative solutions for property division and child custody alike. You just have to decide how much you are willing to bend in these cases.

Always remember that your goal right now is to get the best start possible on your new life as a single person. We can help you work toward that goal.