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You’re involved in a car accident, and it wasn’t your fault. Perhaps someone else ran a red light or hit you while texting and driving.

Either way, you wound up in the hospital, and the costs are astronomical. It’s nothing you’re prepared to pay for on your own.

At a time like this, it’s very important to know all of your potential rights to financial compensation, especially for those medical bills. Some of your qualifying expenses may include:

  • Fees for the ride in the ambulance or helicopter after the crash.
  • The cost of cognitive therapy after a brain injury.
  • The cost of physical therapy after an injury that impacts your basic physical skills, such as walking.
  • The price of your consultations with experts and professionals in the health care industry.
  • The cost of in-home care, if you are released from the hospital before you recover enough to fully care for yourself.
  • The lasting cost of care and assistance if you suffer a permanent disability.
  • The price of any assistive devices that you need, such as a cane or crutches to help you walk.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, though it helps to show you how vast medical expenses may really be. With lingering injuries that need checkups, follow-up surgeries, medication and much more, you can also have lasting costs that stretch for months or years.

At the same time, remember that you may also have a right to compensation for non-medical costs. For instance, you could lose significant wages while missing work to heal. Be sure you know all of your options.

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