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Consumer debt isn’t anything that can be taken lightly. While credit is a useful tool, there are times when even the best planned purchases turn out to be a burden that is too much to handle. When you are facing crushing debts, your focus is likely going to be getting a handle on that debt.

We can help you explore bankruptcy so that you can be sure this is the option that you feel is the best for your needs. You will have to make sure that you are choosing the appropriate chapter to file your case under.

For personal bankruptcy, this means either Chapter 7 or 13. Both of these can address your debts, but they do this in different ways. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will liquidate your nonexempt assets, but you won’t make payments on the debts. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will require you to make payments on the bankruptcy, but you will be able to hold on to more of your assets.

There isn’t any reason why you should feel like you have to do without life’s necessities just so that you can pay medical bills or consumer credit card debt. While bankruptcy certainly isn’t an easy way out of debt, it can prove to be beneficial in cases where the debts are controlling you.

We understand that you didn’t come to this decision easily. We are here to offer a compassionate ear. We want to see you get on top of your finances again and will help you get your bankruptcy case moving forward so you can start to work on building a stable financial future.