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Personally investing in each client’s legal
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How is child custody handled for same-sex couples?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Family Law |

Dealing with child custody during a divorce is often a complicated and frustrating process. Although there is the perception that children are more likely awarded to the mother, state law gives married parents joint legal and residential custody of a child born of the marriage.

When it comes to divorce between same-sex couples, questions may arise concerning the state’s definition of parental responsibilities and parenting time.

Illinois allocation of parental responsibilities

The divorce process for same-sex couples is the same as that for spouses of the opposite sex, with some slight variations. According to the Illinois Parentage Act, there is a presumption of parental responsibility if the spouse of the birth mother meets the following criteria:

  • Marriage at the time of birth
  • Child’s birth occurred within 300 days of the divorce
  • Spouse married the birth mother and consented to inclusion on the birth certificate

Meeting one requirement affords equal rights with parenting time and responsibilities. If agreements through a parenting plan do not occur, the court decides these matters using the criteria used for heterosexual couples.

Parental responsibilities with non-biological parents

Should same-sex partners have children and one or both partners are not biological parents, legal adoption determines equal parenting rights. A child can only have two legal parents under Illinois law, which can impact issues with adoption. The biological parent of a child must surrender his or her parenting right for both partners in a same-sex marriage to legally adopt the child.

Custody determinations are the same for same-sex couples as they are for opposite-sex couples. Differences in the process could deal with the biological relationship to any children of the marriage.