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Insurers not expected to decline with driverless cars

Many experts have predicted that the introduction of self-driving cars will mean the decline of insurance companies. A Morgan Stanley report back in 2016 estimated that the insurance industry would dwindle by as much as 80 percent by the year 2040. Newer research, however, is debunking this idea. Instead, future coverage may just be shifting away from Illinois drivers.

Safety groups urge cautious approach to self-driving cars

The Illinois House Transportation Committee approved a bill in March that paved the way for fully autonomous vehicles to use the state's streets and highways. Several auto and technology companies have vowed to bring such a vehicle to the market within five years, and this has captured the attention of the nation's lawmakers and worried some road safety advocacy groups. Organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration want the regulation of self-driving cars to be dealt with at the federal level, and proponents say that a patchwork of local laws could allow unproven and potentially dangerous technology onto the roads.

Important steps to take in the aftermath of a car accident

Illinois drivers who are involved in a car accident should check to see if others have been injured if they have not themselves. While injured people should only be moved if necessary, vehicles should be moved out of the way to prevent another accident. A driver who is not at fault in the accident should get insurance and contact information from the driver at fault even though it is that driver's responsibility to report the accident to the insurance company. Taking witness statements and photos and even calling the police may help protect a motorist who is not at fault.

Should self-driving cars make choices in a collision?

Self-driving cars may be the future. Or so we are made to believe. By some estimates, these cars are expected to see a compounded annual growth of 134% between now and 2020. But as legislation struggles to catch up with innovation, many good questions are arising. Can self-driving cars really reduce accidents?

Personal Injury

Personal Injury J&J Offered $1.3M to Silence a Talcum Powder Victim

By Ephrat Livni, Esq. on July 29, 2016 5:58 AM suing Johnson and Johnson, the premiere talcum powder purveyor, for fraud, negligence, and failure to warn of the risk of ovarian cancer created by use of the stuff. For decades, many have sprinkled it in their underwear, unaware that the product was dangerous. The company, however, did know for some time it seems, and tried to hide this fact.

Personal Injury

Having many clients with Injuries,  and as a personal injury Attorney firm, Steele Law Offices, LLC is pleased to announce that Randall P. Steele, Attorney at Law, founding member was recently awarded the distinguished honor as being a top 10 rated Personal Injury Attorney by the  American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys for 2016. 

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