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Divorce Is Hard — Your Choice Of Representation Is Important

At Steele Law Offices, LLC, in Glen Carbon, Illinois, we offer you over 20 years of experience in dealing with the difficulties related to divorce. We know that it is a hard time on both you and your family. That is why we provide comprehensive counsel to men and women in family law matters, focusing our practice on: Contested divorce: Undoubtedly the more involved divorce situation, contested divorce brings every facet of your lives into razor-like focus. Everything from your jobs as parents to the financial responsibilities involved is negotiated. All items are on the table and each one has it’s own set of priorities. We are very skilled at listening to your needs and will work with you to ensure you are well-represented for any of the following:

Uncontested divorce: This concept is not as rare as you might think. There are more and more cases that come here as uncontested, relatively simple divorces. Over the span of our practice, we have helped hundreds upon hundreds of ex-spouses work out agreements to cover every aspect of their divorce, including parental responsibilities and support. Many times settling things in less than a month.