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One of the most frustrating aspects of any legal issue is dealing with impersonal legal representation. At Steele Law Offices, LLC, in Glen Carbon, Illinois, we strive to change the way legal clients are served. We give them the attention they deserve and ultimately help them find a way to overcome the challenges they face in the legal system, no matter what problem has come their way.

Each of our clients receives prompt information from a real voice on the other end of the phone or across the table - not an automated answering machine and an endless game of phone tag. This is true whether they seek:

To learn more about how attorney Randall P. Steele and our team of experienced legal professionals can help you, contact us online or by telephone at 618-288-9591.

Steele Law Offices, LLC, also represents current and former members of the United States Armed Forces as they often have unique considerations when it comes to the law, particularly in cases of military divorce. We proudly serve members of all branches of the military, including the Air Force, Navy, Army and the Marines Corps.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Reputable General Practice Attorney

Countless lawyers throughout Illinois choose one area of law and work only those types of cases. While they end up with many cases under their belts, they are often limited in their understanding of the other ways in which clients' lives are affected. Rarely does a legal issue affect a person in an isolated manner.

In contrast, we built our law firm on a general practice mentality. We develop relationships with our clients and become the go-to advisors they need when life hands them something unexpected.

For example, bankruptcy law clients often have other hardships in life, such as outstanding medical bills from an unexpected injury, or the debts associated with filing for divorce. They may need to consider the implications of filing for divorce before or after filing bankruptcy, or alter estate planning documents when family structure has changed.

We work with each of our clients one-on-one to provide insight and strategic decisions when it matters most, and our experience has shown that it truly makes a difference.