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Illinois courts gives lesbian mom parental rights

When a heterosexual couple with fertility issues decide to use a sperm donor and artificial insemination, the husband of a woman who gives birth automatically becomes the presumptive -- and legal -- father of that child.

If the couple later splits, the husband still remains the legal father. Biology isn't an issue. In fact, Illinois has also ruled that an unmarried man can still be the legal father of a child born to his girlfriend if she had artificial insemination and he consented.

Get ready for your divorce mediation session

A divorce can be resolved in a variety of ways. One of the options that many divorced couples choose to pursue is mediation. If you are considering this resolution method, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the first meeting. You might be surprised by how much you will be able to cover in a session.

For the most part, mediation sessions will revolve around three main points: property division, financial support and child custody. You might need more than one mediation session to work through everything, but it is best to prepare as if you will only have a single session.

Human error leads to 9 out of 10 accidents

People have spent a lot of time investigating car accidents, trying to find out how they happen and what can be done to prevent them. At the end of the day, though, the root cause is simple: People.

Human error, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), leads to a stunning nine out of every 10 accidents. The underlying issue with car, truck and motorcycle crashes is just that people are not competent drivers. They make a multitude of mistakes, and those mistakes lead to accidents.

Divorce or bankruptcy: Which do you file first?

When you are ready to file for bankruptcy, you need to look into your life circumstances to determine if now is the best time to file. There are some situations that mean that you have to make difficult decisions about which matters to handle first. Divorce is one of these. We know that you might want to get everything over with all at once, but this might not be possible.

A divorce and a bankruptcy usually can't move forward at the same time. This is because the two cases collide in a way that puts one on hold. When you file for a bankruptcy, all of your assets and debts are included in an automatic stay. This means that the family law court is unable to sort through them for the purpose of property division. Your divorce will be put on hold pending the outcome of the bankruptcy.

Divorced parents should plan ahead for summer vacation

With summer fast approaching, if you haven't made plans with your ex for how you will share custody and visitation of your kids, you should do it as soon as possible. If you detailed how summer custody is shared in your parenting plan, this should make things go more smoothly.

However, as kids get older and family dynamics change (perhaps with the addition of one or more significant others or one parent moving some distance away), parenting plans may need some modifications to how summers, holidays and other vacations are treated. It's also easier for older kids to split summers in half between their two parents than younger kids, who may not want to be away from their custodial parent for more than a couple of weeks.

Semitruck accident takes 4 lives and leads to homicide charges

Four people died in a horrific car accident on Interstate 55 late last year. The semitruck driver accused of causing the crash is now facing reckless homicide charges. He is from Greeley, Colorado, and he is 54 years old.

Reports indicate that traffic had entered a construction zone, where it had slowed considerably. The truck driver is accused of speeding illegally through that zone. When he neared the slower traffic ahead of him, he did not slow down fast enough and smashed into seven different cars.

Personal bankruptcy can help you get your finances under control

Consumer debt isn't anything that can be taken lightly. While credit is a useful tool, there are times when even the best planned purchases turn out to be a burden that is too much to handle. When you are facing crushing debts, your focus is likely going to be getting a handle on that debt.

We can help you explore bankruptcy so that you can be sure this is the option that you feel is the best for your needs. You will have to make sure that you are choosing the appropriate chapter to file your case under.

Conflict resolution is better than conflict avoidance

When you are dealing with child custody matters, you will sometimes have to handle conflicts. These aren't always easy to manage, but working through them properly can help you to make sure that your children have a stable environment that sets them up for success as well-rounded adults.

Working through these matters can also show your children how important it is to resolve conflicts instead of just avoiding them. Just remember that you have to show them the right techniques for resolution.

What is a transfer-on-death deed?

Those who own real estate and hope to pass it on to a beneficiary upon their death, but do not want to go to the trouble and expense of setting up a living trust may find that a transfer-on-death deed serves their needs effectively and efficiently. Not all states allow these deeds, which grant their users a simple, clean way to transfer real estate without passing through costly and time-consuming probate. Illinois, however, does recognize them.

Transfer-on-death deeds are allow you to create a deed that transfers real estate out of your name into the name of beneficiary, but the transfer itself does not occur until you pass away. Once you do pass away, the property transfers to the named beneficiary without passing through probate, saving time and expense.

Is advance care planning just for the elderly?

Maybe you already know why advance care planning is necessary, especially for the elderly. Getting your wishes down on paper means that doctors know what you want if a medical emergency strikes.

For instance, perhaps you have a stroke. You can't talk to the doctors in the hospital. They'll do all they can to save you, but what if you don't want to be resuscitated? What if you don't want to be put on life support? You can't tell them, and they're going to do it with no other indication as to how they should proceed.

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