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Significant challenges can come as you work out divorce terms

Going through a divorce can lead to significant challenges as you work to determine the specifics of the settlement. There are times when you might need to take a step back and look at the big picture instead of focusing on one small decision.

Everything you decide during your divorce has an impact on the rest of your life. Even decisions that seem small now might play a big role in your life down the road. For example, if your ex agrees to pay a small credit card bill and doesn't, that can affect your credit in the coming years.

Examples of post-accident medical expenses

You're involved in a car accident, and it wasn't your fault. Perhaps someone else ran a red light or hit you while texting and driving.

Either way, you wound up in the hospital, and the costs are astronomical. It's nothing you're prepared to pay for on your own.

Effects of spinal cord injuries vary greatly

A spinal cord injury will impact your life and the life of each person in your family. It can also affect your friends. The changes that everyone has to deal with will depend on the severity of the injury and the way that is alters your abilities.

There are many things that you have to think about when you are dealing with a spinal cord injury. Whether you are the person who suffered the injury or a person living with the victim, you should make sure that you know some basic information about these injuries.

What are the first things to do when probating an estate?

If your deceased loved one's estate plan named you as executor, then it will be your responsibility to probate the will. The probate process is not anyone's favorite thing to manage, but with proper guidance and an in-depth understanding of the law, you will be able to navigate your loved one's probate with greater ease.

As executor, there are some initial first steps you'll need to take, which include the following:

  • Find the will: There could be multiple copies of the will, and there could be subsequent revisions. You want to find the original one, and the original version of any subsequent or updated wills. Obviously, you will file the most recent will with the court.
  • Cancel all credit cards: You don't want anyone to get ahold of your loved one's credit cards and make fraudulent charges, so you should cancel the cards and notify the card companies of the death.
  • Change the locks and keep valuables safe: Visit your loved one's home and have all the locks changed. Also, make sure that all valuable property is safe. If it means moving some possessions to your house or to a safe deposit box, you may want to do that too.
  • Get copies of the death certificate: You'll need multiple official copies of the decedent's death certificate, and you should order these as early as possible.

Creative solutions might help with divorce matters

Divorce usually falls into one of two categories -- really easy or really difficult. When you are able to work out an uncontested divorce, you might be happy to know that you don't have to battle with your ex over every aspect of the divorce.

We realize that one of the most important things about divorce is getting what is due to you. This is one of the areas where you and your ex might have to do some negotiating. Just because you have to negotiate a little doesn't mean that the divorce is going to be a challenge. You should just focus on getting everything hashed out so that your divorce can be over as quickly as possible.

How to get into the head of a debt collector

Illinois residents who are suffering under a mountain of debt, and especially those who are being harassed by debt collectors, will want to do everything they can to eliminate their debt fast. Fortunately, in some cases, people who are being hounded by debt collectors may be able to negotiate with the debt collector to reduce the amount they owe and get a discount.

However, in order to successfully negotiate like this, you need to get inside the head of your debt collector, know his or her motivations and understand how they tick. Here are some important points to keep in mind in this regard:

  • Debt collectors are not always honest. Sometimes, they will invent debts out of thin are that don't have anything to do with you. Sometimes, they will scare you by insinuating that you could go to jail or that other imaginary consequences will happen. Don't fall for these scare tactics and don't let debt collectors try to collect on imaginary debts.
  • The debt collector will always want to make as much money from your debts as possible.
  • Your debt collector might have the ability to charge you various fees. Be sure to understand what fees the agency may or may not charge.
  • Debt collectors can only seize your property, garnish your wages or take money out of your bank account if they sue you and get a court judgment that gives them permission to do this.

2 estate planning documents you should draft before you deploy

Most Americans wait until after they've had children or have amassed significant assets later in life to begin planning their estates. If you're an active member of the armed forces subject to deployment, though, then it definitely speeds up the need to plan your estate much sooner than that.

One of the most important documents you should have drafted is a power of attorney. It will come in handy if you need someone stateside to handle some type of financial, business or household matter on your behalf.

Tips to help you financially prepare for life after divorce

No one wants to go through a divorce, but you may come to find that this is the only way to change your life for the better.

While there is a lot to consider during the divorce process, you'll want to keep close tabs on your finances. If you neglect to do so, you could find yourself in a difficult spot in the future.

A celebrity chef is killed in a Eisenhower Expressway crash

A nine-vehicle car crash near the intersection of Wells Street and Congress Parkway at 4:20 p.m., on Saturday, Jan. 27 left one motorist dead and nearly a dozen others with varying injuries. Chicago police have since identified the 35-year-old decedent as having most recently worked as a private chef for a basketball player with the Chicago Bulls. Before that, he'd worked at several downtown eateries as a chef.

Illinois State Police officers responsible for working the crash scene were cited as saying that a 56-year-old male driver of the Mercedes had instigated the domino effect crash. They acknowledged that they suspected he'd had a medical emergency just as he was preparing to leave the Eisenhower Expressway.

How can you pay off your credit card bills quickly?

Getting out of credit card debt is going to take work and it isn't going to be easy. You will need to make a plan to make this happen. One thing that is certain is that you can't just pay the minimum monthly payments and think that you are going to get out of debt quickly.

There are several options that you have to getting your credit cards paid off as quickly as possible. You have to sort through each of the options so that you can determine which of these is going to work for your needs. Here are some questions that might help you determine the best option:

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