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If you have been unable to keep up with your mortgage payments and all of your other bills, you are not alone. At Steele Law Offices, LLC, in Glen Carbon, Illinois, we provide experienced, knowledgeable guidance on how to save your home from foreclosure while you regain your financial footing.

Saving a home from being foreclosed on is more common in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but it can be accomplished in Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well. Attorney Randall P. Steele has helped numerous individuals remove the threat of losing their home through bankruptcy proceedings.

The important thing to realize in Chapter 7 bankruptcies is that the effect of preventing a foreclosure is only temporary. In most federal district courts, the delay of foreclosure proceedings obtained through Chapter 7 consists of only about two to six months. To avoid the foreclosure process being started all over again after filing Chapter 7, any past due mortgage payments must be paid soon after filing the case in bankruptcy court. That is why it is crucial that anyone who considers filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes sure he or she can afford the mortgage once it has been discharged.

Collinsville Mortgage Debt Attorney

Our experienced and compassionate team of legal professionals can analyze your overall situation and provide honest, practical advice on the best steps to take next. Our law firm has provided legal representation for individuals in bankruptcy law and other areas for more than 20 years. We provide legal counsel on:

What to expect from the foreclosure process, including what papers need to be filed and the best approach to the court-sponsored mandatory mediation program.

Determining which type of bankruptcy is most appropriate for you requires an involved investigation into your financial affairs, including your income (now and over the last several years), the members of your household and the property you own now and have owned over the last 10 years. The new bankruptcy laws have made this even more complicated. It is important to be represented by a lawyer who works on bankruptcy cases regularly.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Edwardsville foreclosure attorney about what steps you can take to keep your family in your home, call 618-288-9591 or email us to schedule a consultation.

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