Guardianship Attorney

It is always best to make thoughtful decisions about you and your loved ones' future ahead of time, before something unexpected happens, but not every estate can be handled as such. In some cases, individuals with disabilities or newly developed impairments need help managing their personal and financial affairs, but have no estate planning documents (i.e., wills, trusts and power of attorney) established.

When this happens, the individual's loved ones may seek to establish guardianships for the individual in question. The court may also appoint a legal guardian if the individual does not have someone willing to take on that role.

At Steele Law Offices, LLC, in Glen Carbon, guardianship attorney Randall P. Steele helps individuals and families throughout Illinois. He is prompt to respond to client inquiries, thoroughly analyzes their legal situations and represents them when a loved one is declared legally incompetent and cannot safely manage his or her own assets, medical care or personal needs.

Making The Right Decisions For You And Your Loved Ones

We are always sensitive to the personal nature of these decisions. Many of our clients struggle with the idea of taking a parent's independence away. Sometimes the individual who has been declared incompetent or other family members involved are reluctant to cooperate through the process.

We offer representation that is personal, straightforward and founded on level-headed decision making. As your lawyer, Randall P. Steele will personally answer your questions and walk you through the process to make sure the choices you make are in you and your loved one's best interest.

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