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Being a single parent is a lot of work but it is manageable

Making the transition from a two-parent household to a one-parent household is a huge one for the children and the parents. It might seem like you don't have time to do anything and that you can't really focus on your children.

While it is true that being a single parent is more work, there are some ways that you can condense the schedule to help make things a little easier. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Keep the lines of communication open

One of the best things that you can do is to keep the lines of communication with your ex and your children open. Knowing what your children need and are thinking can help address possible issues before they become huge problems. Making sure that you and ex are openly communicating so that there aren't missed points regarding the children can help you to feel less stressed and it might also help your children.

When it comes to communicating with your ex, try to find a way that you can reduce the stress of the interactions. This might include using a recordable means of communication, such as texts or emails, so that you can go back and refer to the messages if there is something that comes into question down the road.

Make time to focus on your children

Even though the time for parenting comes when your children are home, you also need to make sure that you have time to spend enjoying your children. It is all too easy to focus on cleaning the house and similar duties all the time, but remember that your children are only young once. Go out on excursions or spend time relaxing at home. Your time with your children must be a good mix of teaching them and having fun.

Plan for taking care of yourself

When your children are with the other parent, you can take that time to focus on yourself. This should be balanced between taking care of the house and relaxing. Try to find something that you enjoy doing so that you can do that when your children are gone.

It might take time for you to find your footing as a single parent, but you will find that it all comes together eventually. Making sure that you have a solid parenting plan is another way that you can reduce your stress load, so think about the terms of the custody agreement carefully when you and your ex are negotiating.

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