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When it comes to driving yourself and your family members around town, safety — and not having fun or going as fast as possible — should be your primary concern. Not only should you take action to safeguard yourself and your family, but you should also take action to safeguard those around you on the road, such as fellow drivers, their passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Two ways to stay safe like this is to avoid two of the most common causes of car accidents: Drunk driving and speeding.

Drunk driving accident avoidance

Like distracted driving, drunk driving is fairly easy to avoid. Don’t get behind the wheel after consuming any amount of alcohol or any kind of potentially-intoxicating substance. Call a ride with a ride-sharing app if you need to get home after drinking. Also, if you’re sober, avoid driving late at night as there are many drunk drivers on the road at these times, and again, give your fellow drivers lots of space at these times.

Speeding accident avoidance

The speed limits are there for a reason. When you follow them, you’re less likely to get in a crash and any crash you get in is less likely to be as serious. Also, if you see a speeding driver, move out of the way; just let him or her pass. The sooner they’re out of your environment, the safer it is for you.

If, despite your best efforts to stay safe, you were hurt in a drunk driving or speeding accident due to no fault of your own, you have options. You may want to investigate deeper into the complex legal issues at play to determine whether there’s an avenue to pursue financial compensation in court.