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Personally investing in each client’s legal
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Personally investing in each client’s legal
objectives and achieving those goals together.

What To Do When You Fall At Work And Get Hurt

Can I File A Workers’ Compensation Claim Even If The Accident Was My Fault?

People commonly file workers’ compensation claims when someone falls from a ladder, falls from scaffolding or trips over debris on a construction site. They hesitate, however, when the fall is caused by what they perceive to be a simple instance of clumsiness on their part. But a significant number of falls at work are caused by spills that cause slippery floors, just washed surfaces, clutter, poor lighting, missing or loose handrails or other avoidable hazard.

If an accident happens to you at work and an injury has resulted, regardless of whose fault it is or what kind of job you have (labor-intensive or sedentary), you should be able to pursue workers’ compensation for that injury.

Still, you will likely face challenges in recovering the full amount of compensation you seek from your employer’s insurance provider — challenges that warrant experienced representation from a workplace injury lawyer.

Make Sure You Get The Compensation You Deserve As Soon As Possible

I am attorney Randall Steele. I am the principal of Steele Law Offices, LLC, where for over 30 years I have helped injured workers file claims, negotiate maximum compensation packages and fight back when claims are denied or undervalued.

I understand our community and the people and businesses here. I know what it takes to ensure that workers- whether a school teacher who has been injured in an altercation, a factory worker with a blown-out back or long-time administrative assistant  with carpal tunnel- gets the compensation they deserve. I have a broad-base understanding of the law and many years of workers’ compensation experience. I know that insurance companies will challenge a claim in an effort to reduce the amount of money paid out. I will work to ensure you receive all of the compensation you are legally due.

In many cases, it takes a strong argument that demonstrates the immediate medical needs you face. Your case should also include  independent medical evaluations and an unbiased assessment of the long-term financial consequences that your injuries have caused. I can pursue reinstatement of your lost wages from being unable to work during treatment and recovery. I will also pursue the lost income from being unable to return to work and vocational rehabilitation or retraining you need to return to the workforce.

Contact my office online or by telephone at 618-288-9591 to get the care and attention you deserve today.